About SendMeAFriend

It Pays to Have Friends on Sendmeafriend.com

42%* of every customer you deliver, will send you a referral through SendMeAFriend.com.
92%* of all customers surveyed said being referred was “influential” in their purchase through SendMeAFriend.com.
71%* said they were looking at other brands before being referred but decided to purchase because of the referral
through SendMeAFriend.com.
66%** of every referral entered in to SendMeAFriend has purchased.

The challenge for most companies, is having the ability to identify the referral in a timely manner and get the referrer rewarded for their efforts.

SendMeAFriend is your answer. Over 1,000,000 customers have either been signed up at the dealership, or found the site on their own and sent their company a referral. Once a referral is entered, you’ll receive an automated email notifying you and your dashboard will retain a permanent record, time stamped, of that entry.

Pick up the phone, set the appointment and sell them. With a click of a button in your portal, your accounting department will receive notification that it’s been approved and send them their incentive. By the way your customer will receive a thank you email at the same time letting them know their reward is on the way!

Plus every month SendMeAFriend will be marketing, through social media and email campaigns, to remind them you’re paying for referrals! Isn’t it time you took advantage of automating your referral business? Schedule your 7 minute online demo here.

It pays to have friends on SendMeAFriend.

* Survey Monkey 2021
** SendMeAFriend.com 2021